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Small Business Loans

When you’re a growing business, securing a small business loan to finance your endeavors can be a challenge. At Magnolia Finance, we back small businesses with big ideas.

Small Business Loans For Growth

Declined by the big banks and need a sudden cash infusion to take your business to the next level? At Magnolia Finance, we’re experienced in offering advice and capital to businesses looking to grow.

Small Business Loans For Once-Off Occurrences

We understand the challenges and hurdles that small businesses face. Unlike the major banks, we look at the future not the past. If you are a director of a failed company, ex-bankrupt or have poor credit, we can provide the right advice and capital for the future.

Why Magnolia Works?

Where do you turn for a small business loan when the banks have all said no?
Magnolia Finance.

Non-bank, private investors.


Partners who share your vision.


Small business experts.


Loans tailored to you.

Even if you’ve struggled to secure financing from the big institutions in the past, Magnolia Finance will be able get you the money you need now to make sure that moving forward, your dreams become a reality.

Who are we?


At Magnolia Finance, we believe that ideas form the foundation of success. Without them, innovation dies on the vine. And the best of what’s to come never gets to be.


It’s ideas that change the world. Change the way we think.


But ideas require subsidy. And that’s where we enter the picture.

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